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Middara - Character Grids

Middara - Character Grids

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These sliding character girds let you compact your playing area for each character. They are about half the size of the official playmats when in their play mode.

- These come flat-packed and unassembled.
- Since these are made from natural woods, color and patterns may vary from the pictures
- Walnut & Cherry grids come with Danish Oil to apply after assembly

Tools Needed
- Glue (Not included)
- Screw Driver (Not included - Needed for Trackers only)

Width: 12" (30cm)
Height (MDF/Birch): 1.6" (4cm)
Height (Cherry/Walnut): 1.8" (4.6cm)
Length (Collapsed): 5" (12.7cm)
Length (Play mode): ~8-14" (20-36cm) Depending on character setup
Length (Fully Extended): 18.5" (47cm)

The Grid supports sleeved cards, please double-check the size of your sleeves as each brand is different
- Large Cards - 62x98mm
- Small Cards - 46x66mm

These Grids have 27 card slots and are designed to hold the following
- 12 Disciplines
- 2 Weapons w/ upgrades
- 1 Armor w/ upgrades
- 1 Core w/ upgrades
- 3 Relics
- 1 Accessory
- Pack
- Consumables
- Familiar/Companion/Other

Player trackers
- Health (0-99)
- Movement (4-13)
- SP (0-9)
- Defence (7-16)
- Armor (0-9)

These are made with the material you selected for the grid. Please note that the Cherry and Walnut trackers are not the same sold in my other listing. These trackers will be like the Birch tracker and have no backs. If you would like solid hardwood trackers please use this listing.

MDF,Birch Plywood,Walnut Plywood,Maple Plywood,Cherry Plywood
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