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Middara - Game Insert (Chipboard)

Middara - Game Insert (Chipboard)

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Card Dividers
We have taken the time to craft a unique insert for Middara, our goal was not only to have everything fit in the box but to make game setup and cleanup as easy as possible. We have also left plenty of room to add expansion content to the box.

This insert is a chipboard version of our basic wood insert for Middara with a few small tweaks.

- Uses Mini Trays that come with the game
- Does not have room for the Story Book (Can be placed on top of everything just a lot of box lift see pictures)
- 13 Trays

What's included!


- Terrian Token Tray: Our Terrian tray makes it super easy to set up any map as you can easily access too all the terrain tokens.
- Status Token Tray: Hold all the status and effect tokens.
- Health/SP Token Tray: Easily access to health and status tokens
- 2 Mini Token holders: These trays hold some of the smaller tokens, they are only used for a few encounters/monsters in the game
- Standup Tray: This tray sorts and hold all the standup figures for Middara along with their bases.
- Dicebox: Large enough to hold at least 2 sets of dice

Card boxes/trays (Sleeve count is based on premium thick sleeves at .18mm)

- 4 Card Trays (2 mini, 2 standard sizes): With the angled divider, each tray can hold 366 Unsleeved cards or 236 sleeved cards. Without the dividers, these each hold 486 unsleeved cards or 313 sleeved cards.
- Tarot Card Box: Can store up to 76 unsleeved cards or 49 sleeved cards.
- Large Card Box: Can store up to 209 unsleeved cards and 134 sleeved cards.

Sleeve info

Since there is no true standard among sleeves sizes please double-check before buying that your cards will fit. Below are the max sizes for sleeves and will be a snug fit.

Mini Cards - Fits sleeves up to 44.5mm wide
Standard Cards - Fit sleeves up to 94.5mm tall
Large Cards - Fit sleeves up to 158mm wide
Tarot Cards - Fit sleeves up to 74mm wide

Laser-cut from chipboard
Insert Weight ~1lbs

Note: Since this is laser cut from chipboard the edges are covered in black soot. It easily washes off and you can use a damp paper towel to clean up the edges.

Assembly required

Required tools
- Glue
- Exacto Knife

Building Instructions -


Does the stay sexy bundle fit in the insert? No.

Is there any lid lift? Without the storybook almost no lift, if you put the storybook in there is quite a bit, see images.

Will this fit Act 2 and 3 Content? While there is a ton of extra room for more cards and tokes we have no idea what will be included. so no guarantees

Materials: Chipboard
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