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XLP v2.0 - Second

XLP v2.0 - Second

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This concept is an updated, modern version of traditional pip dice (d6), using extra large pips instead. Machined from solid aluminum, these dice are CNC milled into standard 16mm size and anodized for a beautiful, vibrant finish.

**This is a second - contains some imperfections. Does not affect usability**

Why XLP?

We took the standard six (6) sided die and spun it on its head. We removed the small dots usually used for pips and replaced them with our own design. Rather than small dots representing each numeral, we decided to use the whole die face to represent the numerals. On each face the we have separated it into areas whose quantity represent the numeral for that side. By using simple, yet elegant geometric designs for our custom dice, we've kept them easy to read while providing a stunning modern take on the traditional die.


We then ditched the molded plastic in favor of solid aluminum. Plastic is fine for children's toys, but metal dice are so much better at making a statement! As soon as you pick them up you'll feel the difference between plastic and metal dice. There's a certain feel, a heft or weight, that adds confidence to your rolls when using a custom metal die. It feels substantial in your hand and strangely satisfying as you hear it rumble across the table. It's just better!


  • Precision engineered to meet exacting standards for balance
    • The center of mass is dialed into less than a human hair, less than .003 mm to be exact
  • Precision CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum
    • Aircraft grade aluminum for a solid strength and weight
  • Standard 16mm size
    • Allows our die for fit into many storage solutions
  • Color anodized to provide the eye-catching colors

Price is for 1 die.

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